July 2000
26 July
UK X-Men News 
Virgin's official X-men web site As the UK release date for X-Men approaches on 18th August, the film is beginning to feature heavily in the press, on TV, and of course, on the web.

Well worth visiting is Virgin.net who have an excellent official X-Men site rivalling Fox's own. The site features plenty of background to the film and if you live near Bristol, Birmingham, Glasgow or Manchester a chance to win tickets to an exclusive sneak preview of X-Men on Sunday 13th August @10 am.

The site also promises news of the UK premiere. 
Watch this space...

While over in the US....
  Following a huge opening weekend of some $54.5 million, the film has now passed the $102 million mark after 2 weeks on release, this despite being knocked off the top spot for last weekend!

Read what the critics say about the film at the Movie Review Query Engine

DVD releases
Buy Ultimate DVD mag Never got the chance to see Patrick in Safe House? Now's your chance to buy the film on that wonderful innovation, DVD. Shame it's only in Region 1 (US/Canada) format at present, but Amazon amongst others, now have it available to purchase.  Just follow this link...

The recent UK DVD release of Insurrection has prompted Ultimate DVD magazine to feature a review of the film in DVD format plus an interview with Stewart.

Major Trek exhibition in London this autumn
  BBC Ceefax report this week that the London Science Museum will be mounting a large Star Trek exhibition from September 2000 until April 2001. Amongst the exhibits will be a recreation of the Enterprise bridge.
Reportedly the museum hope to get Stewart, Shatner or Nimoy to open the exhibition.
Rumours a-Bond!
  Now here's a good idea...Stewart as the villain in the next James Bond film? Supposedly approaches have been made, if you read some of the papers. However we await more tangible evidence before enjoying the prospect of this particular Vodka Martini. Shaken, not stirred, of course...
10 July
Live webcast of X-Men NY premiere
Popcast.com Popcast.com are  the exclusive live webcast of the X-Men movie premiere party taking place on Ellis Island, New York this Wednesday 12th July @ 8 pm (EDT).
Where to find X-Men in the news
Mothership.com In case you're still oblivious to who the X-Men are and what this film will be all about, the best place to start is over at Mothership.com who have an excellent synopsis of the characters and story.
Scifi.com For recent interviews with the Producer Lauren Shuler Donner, Director Bryan Singer, and other up to date news items about the film visit the Comics Continuum web site.

While over at Scifi.com there's a good interview with Stewart talking not only about X-Men, but also about Trek, his stage work, and plans to sing in Sweeny Todd!

TV Guide On US TV tonight, Access Hollywood have another exclusive preview of X-Men, and the Fox Network are running a series of  promotional clips with increased regularity as the build up continues.

TV Guide has published six different covers for the current issue with news about the film and it's cast featured inside and on their web site 

The official Fox UK site finally confirms that August 18th is the UK release date for the film, and UK fans should keep an eye out on Thursday's GMTV for possible news about the film.

Come fly with me...
  Going where other former starship captains have gone before, Stewart will reportedly be appearing in commercials for Hotwire.com - a collaboration of six major airlines including United and Northwest to sell unsold seats at discounted fares via it's web site....
Polished brass
  Already scheduled amongst Patrick's appearances early next year, is a stint with the Saint Louis Brass Band, where he'll perform narration and acting to the band's music for 'Henry V' and 'Richard III' at two gala concerts.
For more details, visit the band's web site at stlbb.org
  Thanks to Aline, Karen, Jewel and Marie for much of the above